Very Addictive - Re extension of Aesthetics in Daily Life

Animation aesthetics is full filled in our daily life, which is beyond races, religions, nations, gender and age.

The contemporary art reflects the life aesthetic orientation of this era, presenting the literati posture of masquerade, irony, humor and imagination, just like the ancient Chinese paintings of scholars which sing the praise of nature, however the contemporary artists are starting to use cartoon figures and fictional scenes to express their feeling about the surroundings.

At present, the creative products derived from such aesthetics expression has been extended to the comics game, presenting the joyful art sociological view with alternative value which turns to be a popular trend, and became the universal vocabulary for the next generation.

This kind of idealization of aesthetics has lot connections with the extension of surrealism and pop art, but it closes to the local society beyond the boundaries of art and design, also puts forward the life aesthetics of the next generation.

Duration:2016.04.10 - 2016.07.10


Curator:Suchen Hsieh

Curator's article:Very Addictive—Re-Extension of Aesthetics in Daily Life

Co-Curator:Frankie Su, Po-chi
Chieko Kitade

List of Artists:

爱伦公主 Tseng Chiunya、春柳 Chunliu、 成太镇 Seong Taejin、 陈怡洁 Chen Yichieh、杜珮诗 Tu Peishih、管赛梅 Guan Saimei、何采柔 Ho Tsaijou、 韩君岳candybrid   、韩胜勋 Han Seunghun、黄赞伦Huang Zanlun、金准植   Kim Junsik、 鹫尾友公Washio Tomoyuki、 李承九Lee Seungkoo、 李东起 Lee Dongi、林建荣 Lin Chienjung、铃木启久 Suzuki Hiraku、林庆芳 Lin Chingfang、林余庆&魏杏谕 Lin Yuching & Wei Hsingyu、卢之筠 Lu Chihyun、木村太阳Kimura Taiyo、马丹Ma Dan、梅沢和木 Umezawa Kazuki、奈良美智Nara Yoshitomo、 Nukeme (Fujimoto Takuma)、裴梓烨 Pei Ziye、日野田崇 Hinoda Takashi、孙瑾  Sun Jin、天野喜孝Yoshitaka Amano、王建扬 Wang Chienyang、吴争艳 Wu Zhengyan、忻海洲 Xin Haizhou 、忻洛汀 Xin Luoting 、虞华 Yu Hua、颜宁志 Andy Yen、颜石林 Yan Shilin、颜妤庭 Yan Yuting 、张晋熙 Zhang Jinxi、张腾远 Chang Tengyuan、曾雍甯 Tzeng Yongning、周义勋Mr. OGAY、周珠旺 Chou Chuwang